Free Fund Transfer to any Bank in Nigeria (Yes you heard right, No transfer fee, No minimum balance, No hidden charges.) (Terms and conditions applies)
Limit on Account with incomplete KYC
Customer Daily Transfer limit
N20,000.00 and N50,000.00 with full KYC
Agent Daily Voucher limit
Customer Daily Voucher limit
15 Minute Transfer
Instant Transfer
Agent Assisted Voucher Deposit
10% Cap N100.00
Agent Assisted Account Opening
Transfer to Own Account
Interest Rate
as high as 10% p.a


Welcome to EsusuOnline!

We offer a totally new way to Save

EsusuOnline is a web based savings platform developed by Consumer Microfinace Bank Limited for Low income savers.

For more on Consumer Microfinance Bank, visit or call us on 07046346454.

" esusuOnline mission is to expand access to savings and lower the cost of savings to millions of people that traditional banks are unable to serve. Everything we do is for the people."

The right decision,    at the right time.                                                            We are almost everywhere


Step One | Register

Create an account using your personal details

Verify your account, Phone Number and KYC details

Step Two | Create a Savings Plan

      Select a convenient Savings Plan

Start Saving.

Ways to Save:

 Correspondent Bank | Debit card | Sales Rep.

Step Three | Transfer Fund for FREE

Log on to your account

select Fund Transfer and follow the prompt.

"Finally a secure and cost effective platform for savings across Nigeria"

Over 20,000 users                     Over N100m in Savings                     Over 2,000 Reps


Why should I save on esusuOnline?

EsusuOnline is the leader in safe, secure and cost effective savings platform with maximum online reach and highest credibility. With more than 10,000  core registered customers, a million daily page visits and over 100 million naira in savings every month, we are the strongest partner to keep your savings secure and growing in Nigeria.

Who can save on esusuOnline?

Anyone  above 18 years who genuinely want to save is welcome. In order to start savings, you need to have the following:

·         Valid ID and other supporting KYC documents

·         BVN

·       Source of income.

How do I save on esusuOnline?

To save on esusuOnline:

1.      Register yourself at

2.      Verify your KYC, Phone number and Bank account.

3.      Start savings by depositing through all First bank branches, Our sales Agents and/or using your debit card.

Can I save and at the same time use my account for other transactions?

  • Yes. However to transact with your account, you need to verify your KYC and bank accounts.

How do I locate Agent to save money?

  • All you need to do is to call our contact number on the website and we will point you to an agent.

Who decides the interest rate of my savings?

Your savings interest rate depends on the  plan you chose under the savings plan.

Will I get charged for withdrawing my money?

  • No. withdrawal to your confirmed bank account is free. You can also use our free 15 minutes fund transfer to transfer fund to your loved ones.

What do you mean by 15 minutes fund transfer?

  • This is a fund transfer option that credit your beneficiary in 15 minutes after you have done the transfer.

Who takes care of the transfer fees?

Consumer MFB LTD takes care of the transfer charge. All you need to do is keep saving.

How and when will I get my savings back?

You can get your savings any time if you do not have a plan in Place. Or at maturity of your plan.

If my KYC is not confirmed, can I still save on the platform?

Yes, you can still save. However, you can not withdraw until you verify your Bank account.

How many savings plan can I create?

You can create as many savings plan as you want.

What are the fees charged?

See our limit and pricing details on the  website.

How does one become an agent?

You can be an agent by registering and completing your KYC requirement. After which you can request to be an agent which will be verify by our staff and approved.

What is the benefit of being an agent?

As an agent, you will receive monthly salary from consumer MFB and also earn performance bonus based on number of savings you collect per day and the number of accounts you open in a month.

Any other income for the agent?